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 Maid Service

Dirt Busters Cleaning Services Inc. provides all cleaning chemicals; however, if you choose to provide cleaning chemicals no problem. We prefer to use customer owned vacuums to keep pollen and other air born germs from spreading. Read More

Move In/Out Clean

Dirt Busters Cleaning Services Inc. our company specializes in all areas of cleaning, we are locally owned and operated. Our team has earned a 5 star rating from several other websites; give Dirt Busters a try today!  Read More

Junk Removal

Dirt Busters Cleaning Services Inc. has the manpower to ensure your project is complete to your satisfaction and, within your scheduled time frame. Most jobs can be completed with in a few hours; call us today for a FREE quote ! Read More

Carpet Cleaning

Dirt Busters Cleaning Services Inc. uses a powerful truck-mounted steam cleaner system, with top of the line cleaning agents to give your carpet a deep-down clean; making it the #1 recommended choice for carpet manufacturers. Read More

About Us

We have been in the cleaning industry and family owned since 1996
Dirt Busters offers a variety of services! What can we do for you ? Your the Boss.

Our company policy is, for any reason we have over looked anything to contact our office within 24 hours and, we will gladly come back and resolve any issues free of charge. With our maid services you can set up a weekly, biweekly or, once a month to allow the professionals to come in and lighten the load of house work in any home setting. We as Dirt Busters understand that moving is a large enough pain with kids, pets and, packing that you shouldn't need to worry about cleaning. Who will you call? Call Dirt Busters we will come in and clean until YOU (not the 'land lord' or 'realtor') are happy. Have any large pieces of furniture or, just trash build up that has been left behind and you want to get rid of but don't have the time or ability to get it out? Dirt Busters will do it for you in one day or less! Do to being a Green friendly company we want to avoid adding to land fills, anything we can donate, recycle and or, give to non profit organizations we do so with the utmost respect of possessions and the former owners wishes. We are client oriented and want to make sure that you are happy and have a lighter load on your plate.

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