Salt Lake City, Utah

Trash Outs

Title Trash Outs
Start Date 2017-02-14
Location Salt Lake City
Job Information

Dirt Busters Cleaning Services Inc. is currently hiring cleaners! This position can be in from of a Trash Out, Post Construction and Janitorial Office Cleaning; we here at Dirt Busters Cleaning Services Inc. have been rated #1 in cleaning and customer service industry for 3 years. As part of our company functionality we provide all supplies need for the job as well as on the site training with one of our top of the line experianced cleaners who has been with the company for 1 year or more.


  • Ability to lift 50 lbs by yourself
  • Can handle some questionable smells
  • Willing to get in and get the job done no matter how dirty (proper protective gear will be supplied as needed)
  • Team oriented to allow for a smother more functional extraction of items
  • Ability to take direction from not only your supervisor but the client as well and get exactly what they want removed in a timely mannor.

You must have reliable transportation to make it to job sites as well as pass a background check before we will bring you on as a permanent member of the Dirt Busters Team.

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