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Holiday House Cleaning

Is Your Home Ready For the Holidays?


Holiday Specials

With the Holiday season upon us Dirt Busters Cleaning Services has started our annual Holiday specials; this includes pre and post party clean up to allow you to enjoy your guests and food with no worries about the clean up after. Our full house deep clean, with the deep clean package, the Dirt Busters Team will come in and get a little crazy in the kitchen starting with light fixtures, cabinets inside and out, appliances including moving them out and cleaning underneath. We then tackle the bathrooms and main living areas. With the bathrooms we will scrub the tub till it shines like a star in the night sky as well as the toilet and sink. Having been in the cleaning industry since 1996, we know that kitchen and bathrooms are the most important thing when it comes to cleaning. You will not be disappointed with our services! I guarantee it! See what our previous customers had to say by clicking here

Regular Pricing                              Holiday Pricing

Under 500 sqft                 $129.00                   $115.00

500-1000  Sqft                  $149.00                   $120.00

1000-1500 Sqft                 $179.00                    $140.00

1500-2000 Sqft                $229.00                   $215.00

2000-2500 Sqft                $279.00                   $240.00

2500-3000 Sqft                 $329.00                   $315.00

3000-3500 Sqft                 $359.00                   $330.00

3500-4000 Sqft                 $389.00                  $350.00

4000-4500 Sqft                $449.00                  $420.00

4500-5000 Sqft                $499.00                  $480.00

5000-6000 Sqft               $579.00                   $540.00


Inside Fridge             $35.00                    $25.00

Inside Stove              $40.00                     $30.00                 

Fire Places                $35.00                      $25.00

Bathroom                 $25.00                      $15.00

Blinds                         $4.00                        $3.00


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Holiday pricing is subject to schedule availability and requires minimum 48 hour notice.