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Janitorial Service

Are you tired of your current janitorial service not doing their job to your expectations or, just looking to upgrade?  Well great news! Dirt Busters Cleaning Services Inc. has just launch our newest services! That’s right we now offer janitorial service to offices and commercial buildings alike.  We would love to come meet you and, do a simple walk through of your office space to give you a fair bid. Some of the locations we clean are able to schedule nightly, weekly and, others are bi-weekly. So depending your needs we can accommodate you and your staff. We are a licenced and insured company with the capability to work in a large variety of environments. Our quick and efficient team to allow us to get in and out without hindering or affecting your work place environment.

Janitorial Service

Dirt Busters Cleaning Services Inc. provides all of the cleaning supplies so our clients do need to. We also offer supplies that are used in hospitals which some of our clients prefer them rather than store bought. So which ever you prefer we have you covered! As for toiletries you will need to supply them (paper towels, toilet paper, hand soap etc.).  As our company continues to grow we will be adding that option for our clients to purchase them directly from us.



janitorial servicejanitorial service








Our professional team has been able to surpass our clients in cleaning duties for 2 decades! Now it’s your turn give us the opportunity to meet your expectations, as well as build a long term business relationship with the Dirt Busters team. Please contact us with any questions about our processes, we will be more than happy to answer any inquiries you may have.


This will be the largest weekly cleaning for Dirt Busters !

janitorial service

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