Salt Lake City, Utah

Ogden Maid Service

Ogden Maid Service

 Ogden Maid Service

Dirt Busters has been providing Salt Lake City with maid service for over 3 years, And now offering Ogden Maid Service, we provide all supplies unless you prefer for our maids to use what you have on hand. Choose the package that fits your needs! If you’re looking for a company that offers maid service to come in on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis we have you covered.

Dirt Busters is fully insured so you can rest assure we will take full responsibility in the event something occurs. We haven’t had any issues with any of our customers in the past!

Our employees are required to submit a full background check prior to becoming employed by Dirt Busters, This give us as an employer the opportunity to make sure we are sending professional people into your home, with full confidence that they will be with the upmost professional and competent to get the job completed in a timely manner.



Now it’s time to choose which package fits your needs best.

Basic Package Includes:

All furniture dusted, vacuum & mopping, wastebaskets emptied new liners inserted, counters tops & back splashes, sinks and faucets, toilets, bath and shower, beds made, all surfaces disinfected. Maid Services Starting as low as $59.00
Are you looking for more check out our Silver package click here

Silver Package Includes:

Our Basic package Plus, Door knobs and cabinet handles wiped down, , wash outside of wastebaskets, visible area of appliances, microwave (inside & outside), mirrors, bed linens changed (if provided)  Maid Services package as low as $109.00

Gold Package Includes:

Our Basic and Silver package Plus: cleaning, inside wastebaskets, blinds, detail & polish wood cabinetry, interior windows, window seals, tops of cabinets, This is the best Maid Service Package you can purchase Starting as low as $129.00

 Add to any Packages:

Ovens $35.00 Initial fee- Recurring fee $15.00

Fridge $30.00 Initial fee – Recurring fee $10.00

Laundry: If customer has more than 2 loads of laundry, Our team is willing to take laundry to a laundry mat to save time and money! If laundry can be done during the cleaning process then the fee would be $5.00 per load. average load takes about 1.5 hours, If laundry take more than cleaning time then a rate of $15.00 per hour plus cost added to bill

Dirt Busters Cleaning Services provides all cleaning chemicals, However, if you choose to provide cleaning chemicals no problem,  We prefer to use a customer owned vacuums to keep pollen and other air born gems from spreading!

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